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Best quality of nice, honest, professional service. Highest quality of work, and 100% success rate. Lowest prices. That’s what I stick to. Here’s my story: I run a one-man wildlife control business in Orlando, FL. I take your call on my cell phone 24/7. Go ahead and call me on a Sunday night! I will come help you. I’m the one who comes to your house, and I’m the one who personally solves your wildlife problem. I work all hours, and I almost always can make a same-day appointment, and if not, next day. I show up on time, I have no hidden fees or hidden agenda like many other Orlando, FL companies, and I just plain do the work right, at a fair price. That’s it.

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 Here’s a list of my most common Orlando, FL wildlife control services

  • Removal of animals from attics of homes with no-return guarantee
  • Complete rodent (rat & mouse) control with permanent results
  • Humane wildlife trapping – from raccoons to armadillos & more
  • Emergency wildlife removal – from snake in the pool to bat in the house
  • Dead animal removal inside and outside, and odor control services
  • Wildlife damage repairs – I find out how they got in, and fix it
  • Preventative services to make sure that animals don’t come back
  • Attic cleanup and animal waste, and decontamination services
  • Bat colony removal, and pigeon and bird control and prevention

Squirrel Removal Services

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  • Squirrel Removal and Control

  • 3 Ways to Keep Raccoons Off Your Roof

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  • Bat Extermination Services

  • Identify Areas of Skunk Damage

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A Rattlesnake bite doesn't have to be deadly. It's possible to survive a bite without even seeking medical attention. However, you're better off following some simple steps which will greatly reduce the risks of dying from a Rattler bite.

Tips for surviving a Rattlesnake bite:

o Don't go around Rattlesnakes.

I know. This is like saying if you don't want to get STDs don't go around women. Easier said than done. You're a man. You need to adventure outdoors, hunt, fish, ranch, farm, whatever. But, just don't do anything stupid. Don't go sticking your bare hand inside cracks and crevices, in wood piles, and in your nose (just had to slip that one in there). In warm seasons, be careful walking through fields. Be aware.

I don't know where this idea got started. But I'm guessing there's been more than one fool who got bit by a snake, then got bit again trying to catch it. There's also probably been some guy who took a snake in to the ER dropped it on the floor and got someone else bit. You don't need the snake. Most doctors will be able to tell what kind of snake bit you, and if you live in Rattlesnake country, it's likely the only poisonous snake, so they'll know.

Dying from a Rattlesnake bite is rare. Only about four people per year in the United States die from a snake bite. You can greatly reduce your risk of dying from a Rattlesnake bite by staying away from them, not panicking if you do get bit, and following the simple steps above.

Rodent Control

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  • Hunting Dog Training and Snakes

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  • Wildlife Removal Service

  • Critter & Animal Control

  • How Much is a Bat Exclusion?

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Snakes can be poisonous and can hurt you, your pets, your children or anyone else. They can bunk inside your house without your knowledge and pose many other serious health risks apart from the obvious risk of a snake bite! While mostly the best way to get rid of snakes is to look for professional Snake Removal Services, sometimes you may be able to handle the situation yourself. Here are some of the things you can do to get rid of these reptiles from your property.

Invest in a snake trap

The traps work best when the snake is inside your house. These traps are glue based and work like a charm on insects or creepy crawlies that are on the ground. However, it is advisable to not use them outside your home as they can hurt innocent animals and critters that are not even a threat to you. Only use snake traps if you see one inside your house.

Even though there are many in-house remedies that can fix the problem but don't forget that these animals are venomous and if mishandled can be a grave threat. Professional snake removal service is your bet if you cannot handle the situation on your own. Snake traps or snake repellents will work only up to a certain point, but if you need proper inspection of the property, cleaning after their mess and humane removal of snakes then you should in fact call a removal service. These professionals are trained to handle wild animals. They will extract them from your property and release them into their natural habitat, where they actually belong!